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We’re a group of educators who are passionate about the English language in general and IELTS, PTE, GMAT and GRE in particular. This website is devoted to IELTS and PTE only.

Why should a student take IELTS/ PTE exam? Well, you may be knowledgeable and may have a good command over the English language. However, that needs to be demonstrated through a certificate. Scoring well in these exams is a way to prove your command over the language. is devoted to helping students prepare for IELTS and PTE exam for free. But, we’re not the only one. Along with us, there are a number of teachers available online serving the needs of the community. Please visit the following websites regularly to get relevant content. (Note: Some of these offer paid services. We’re not associated with anyone of these and are not benefited from their revenue.)

However, EltecEnglish is deeply committed to offering solutions that many others are not providing. We’re the only team giving customized answers to all students for free. We write essays with complete structure and explanation. Moreover, we’ve started introducing an audio to all our speaking articles so that students can improve their pronunciation and speaking style along with speaking skills.

Good luck to all and stay connected with us.

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5 thoughts on “Study Plans

  1. Question:

    Nowadays young people are spending most of their leisure time using smart phones and tablets for entertainment. Is it a positive or a negative development? Give your own opinion and examples.


    Electronic entertainment devices like smart phones and tables today have occupied/invaded/encroached on/ a major portion of young people’s spare time. This new trend, in my view, is not desirable and can lead to various problems.

    To begin with, electronic or online entertainment is sedentary and addictive in nature and therefore the youth are less likely to involve in outdoor physical activities potentially leading to various medical problems. For example, a young person can watch videos, play games and talk to relatives thousands of miles away on an iPad or iPhone in the comfort of his room. As a result, he may not get enough time or feel the need to be physically active, which can result in problems like vision impairment, obesity and arthritis.

    Another area of serious concern is young people’s lack of interest in socialising with friends, relatives or even siblings, due to prolonged obsession with smart phones and similar devices. For instance, many parents today complain that children are not interested in talking to them during their leisure time because they may be engaged in their favourite computer game, which demands complete attention to the device. Even during meals some children are glued to their smart devices. This can have a detrimental impact on their socialisation skills and lack of sensitivity for people around.

    On the other hand, this modern form of entertainment has certain positive aspects too. While on a smart phone young people are likely to watch educational videos, read current news and visit e-learning websites and make their free time productive. Tablets are very helpful in helping young children to draw, solve puzzles and learn language. In this way they can have a fun filled learning experience during their spare time.

    In conclusion, smart phones and tablets do have certain benefits for young people in making their leisure time productive. Despite these advantages, their compulsive use would lead to serious physical as well as psychological issues and therefore this new trend, in my opinion is mostly negative and not desirable.

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