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Rephrasing Sentences in IELTS and PTE – Part 1


Rephrasing is a powerful tool to improve your written and spoken English and score high in IELTS/ PTE exam. Years of our experience in IELTS coaching has enabled us to offer umpteen examples of mistakes students make and how to correct them using the technique of rephrasing.

Here is a sentence one of our students wrote on online shopping.

1. With the advancement of technology, people want to stay at home and enjoy online shopping.

The problem with this sentence is that the student has used very simple words. IELTS wants you to make things a bit complex. Not too complex, of course. Let me rephrase.

The advancement of technology has made shopping a convenient experience.

The use of wordsconvenientandexperiencehas made the sentence look sharper and well structured.

Now let us look at another sentence on online shopping.

2. People think that shops provide them fewer number of products which they don’t like.

The student has not only written a very simple sentence but also failed to express his ideas clearly. The student wants to compare traditional shops with online platforms but failed to put his ideas in right words. IELTS and PTE examiners do not like such construction.

A better construction could be:

The variety of products at traditional shops and stores is very limited as compared to online platforms.

The use of words liketraditional,”limited,”as compared to,andplatforms,adds value to our sentence.

Similarly, in an essay on pollution, one of our students wrote a very simple sentence:

3. There is a crisis of pollution, and it would be foolish to ignore it.

We restructured it as:

Extreme pollution and its related problems cannot be ignored.

No need to usethere isanda crisis of pollution.” These can be replaced withextreme pollution.”Related problems,adds value to the sentence.

Let us take a closer look at another sentence on pollution. The student has clearly failed at following the principles of brevity.

4. These days, air pollution affects the environment most and this is mainly due to vehicles and industries.

A simple restructuring can make this sentence powerful.

Vehicular and industrial pollution is adversely affecting our environment.

The usage of wordsvehicularandindustrialcut a lot of useless fat from the sentence. Wordsadversely affecting,add value to the sentence.

So, by practicing rephrasing and restructuring you can convert simple but long sentences to powerful yet precise ones. Keep in touch with ELTEC to learn more.

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