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IELTS Speaking Task April 2017: piece of equipment

piece of equipment IELTS speaking.jpg

Describe a piece of equipment that has been in your home for years and you still use it. Please say

1. What is it?

2. How often do you use it?

3. Do your family members use this equipment too?

Answering an IELTS speaking cue card question involves combining various elements. The student has one minute to think and write down the points.

Sample answer for demonstration only. Please make your own answer.

There are various pieces of equipment ranging from a hair dryer to an air conditioner that my family uses to serve its daily needs. (Introductory sentence)

However, for the past five years, we’ve been using a LG refrigerator. (What is it?)

This refrigerator is used daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It is used to preserve perishable commodities such as milk, cream, vegetables, dough, and fruits. (How often used?)

Since I’m not a good cook, I use it only for getting milk to make some tea or coffee. My mother, on the other hand, uses it for storing various food items that are used to cook family meals. (Do family members use?)

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