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IELTS Speaking Task: Proud of a family member

proud of a family member IELTS speaking

Describe a situation when you were proud of your family member. Please say

1. Who is he/she?

2. What did he/she do?

3. How did you feel about it? Why?

Please note: This answer is for demonstration only. Please use this as a hint to create your own answer.

The acts of selflessness have always been close to my heart. I vividly remember such incident in the year 2015 when our neighbors met with a fatal accident. (Introductory statement)

All those involved in the accident were severely injured and were hospitalized. One of the patients needed O+ blood, which is rarely available, and my father, who has the same blood type, voluntarily donated it. What made that act special was that he was about 500 kilometers away from the hospital. He immediately booked a flight and headed back home to save a life. (What he did.)

That was an act of greatness. Saving someone’s life is the greatest act of selflessness. I felt proud of him. (Feeling)

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