IELTS Essay task 2: Criminals commit crimes once their sentence is over. Why?

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Many criminals after serving their time behind bars usually commit crimes again. Why do you think this is so? Give causes and solutions to it.
(250 words, 40 minutes)


Introduction: Do not repeat the language of the question in your answer. Use synonyms and rephrasing to restructure the sentence.

Example: Many criminals after completing their term of imprisonment often resort to illegal activities. This can be due to several reasons and corrective measures need to be taken to solve this issue.

As you can see, I have not used the words given in the essay topic. Now, please take 7 minutes to write introduction in your own words.

Introduction in your words ……… (about 30 to 40 words)

Our next step is to think about reasons for this phenomenon. Please enlist at least 3 reasons. Let me help you with first one.

1. Prisoners are not taught marketable skills that they can use to support themselves after they have been released. (About 20 to 30 words)

2. Reason 2 (About 20 to 30 words)

3. Reason 3 (About 20 to 30 words)

Now that you have 3 reasons, it is time to give at least one example of each reason. Remember, the example must include data and facts. That is, it should be concrete and not absurd. Moreover, the examples may not be real or actual. You are free to create them.

1. Home Ministry of India has recently conducted survey of prisoners released from Tihar jail during past 2 years. The results prove that a whooping 78 percent of these prisoners got invoved in criminal activities because they did not possess any skill to secure job. (About 40 words)

2. Example 2 (About 40 words)

3. Example 3 (About 40 words)

Let us switch to solutions to the problem. Please mention 3 solutions – one for each reason.

1. The government, in colaboration with various multinational and domestic companies, should launch programs to train jail inmates in various employable skills. (About 20 words)

2. Solution 2 (About 20 words)

3. Solution 3 (About 20 words)

The solutions should serve as conclusion to your essay.

Total length = 270 to 320 words

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