IELTS Essay task 2: Development of technology causes traditional ways of life to die out. Agree or disagree

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When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and way of life die out. It is pointless to keep them alive. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

(250 words, 40 minutes)


Introduction: Do not repeat the language of the question in your answer. Use synonyms and rephrasing to restructure the sentence.

Example: Rapid advancements in technology in 21st century has adversely impacted the traditional skills and way of life in every country. While some people believe that these skills and lifestyles should be allowed to die, I think our society needs to keep them alive.

Now, let me present 3 reasons, with examples, why we should NOT let traditional skills and way of life die.

Reason 1: Traditional skills often complement modern ways of living influenced by modern technology. (About 15 words)

Example 1: Traditional tasty Punjabi food is served at modern restaurants such as Haveli not only in North India but also in Canada and United States. The food is cooked by chefs trained in traditional dishes. However it is cooked in modern instruments. (About 40 words)

Reason 2. (About 15 words)

Example 2. (About 40 words)

Reason 3. (About 15 words)

Example 3. (About 40 words)

Finally, it’s time to write down the conclusion. A crucial element of the conclusion is FUTURE. Write a conclusion that creates a bright future for traditional skills and ways of life.

To conclude, traditional lifestyles are being integrated into a modern lifestyle. Advancements in technology will certainly replace certain skills and lifestyles but will complement others and rapidly expand still others.

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