IELTS Speaking task: Gift you gave someone

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Talk about a gift that you gave to someone and the occasion. Please say

What was the gift and the occasion?

Why did you choose this gift?

Where did you buy it?

How did the person feel after receiving it?

Answering a speaking cue card question involves combining various elements. The student has one minute to think and write down points.

Sample answer for demonstration only. Please make your own answer.

Introduction: Gifts are a token of love and affection. Though I’ve given numerous gifts to various people in my life, I vividly remember a special gift I gave to my best friend Prakash.

Body: It was Prakash’s birthday in 2016. I knew that he always wanted an electric guitar since he was a member of a locally famous rock band. However, he could not afford the costly guitar. So I purchased it on his 20th birthday from a famous music store in Connaught Place, New Delhi. Prakash’s happiness was evident not only from a huge smile on his face but also from tears in his eyes. He hugs me tight and said two priceless words “Thank You”.

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