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IELTS Speaking task: Moment that made you laugh

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Talk about a moment that made you laugh a lot and you can not forget it. Please say

1. What happened

2. When and where did it take place

3. Why was it so funny

Please note: This answer is for demonstration only. Please use this as a hint to create your own answer.

There are many complex and perfect answers available on the internet. However, it is difficult for students to answer in such perfect form. The answer contains hints how collocation and cohesion should be built in your answer. This will increase your score. I have underlined these words for the reader’s convenience.

I recommend simple 7 band answers. For instance:

Introduction: Well, I have a huge (Qualifier – collocation) circle of friends and a large (Qualifier) joint family. In such a scenario there are numerous (Collocation) occasions to share laughter.

Body: I vividly remember the occasion of my cousin brother’s marriage. In North Indian marriages, the bride’s friends negotiate with the groom a monetary price for allowing the groom to cut the ribbon and enter the marriage hall. So on one side were girls negotiating for the bride and on the other side were us, groom’s friends and family. It was an occasion to banter about and tease each other over price. For instance, while the girls were demanding $ 5000, we were not ready to pay more than $ 1. Basically, it was fun and we all laughed a lot.

Followup questions

1. Let us talk about comedy. Who is funnier: men or women?

Well, in my family and friends, everyone is funny irrespective of gender.

2. Why do you think so?

We all usually love being happy and keeping others happy. For instance, my mom and dad keep cracking jokes on each other as well as on other family members.

3. Can you name a few famous comedians in your country?

Certainly. The most famous comedian in India was Mehmood. These days Kapil Sharma is a well-known comedian.

4. What is better – reading a funny story or watching a comedy movie? Why?

In my case, comedy movies are the best. After a long day and sometimes stressful day at the office, all I ask for is a cup of coffee and an hour of effortless laughter. Comedy movies, unlike books, are effortless.

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