Writing Task 2

Essay task 2: Help developing countries in advise and skills rather than financial aid

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Nowadays most developing countries receive financial aid from international organizations. However many people believe that help in the form of advice and skills is more important and useful than money. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

(250 words, 40 minutes)


Introduction: Do not repeat the language of the question in your answer. Use synonyms and rephrasing to restructure the sentence. Let me give you an example of my introduction.

Learning the usage of the underlined words is crucial to writing a strong IELTS answer.

Example: Developing a nation involves working in several (qualifier) areas ranging from (linking words) infrastructure to human resource and from energy to clean water. Though finance plays a crucial role in implementing these projects, right skill set and advice play an equally important (collocation/ qualifier) role.

OK. Now you have an idea. Please attempt your own introduction.

Now that we are done with the introduction, let us move to the body of the essay.

The body of this essay should consist of reasons and examples of each of the views. Why? Coz the question states “Discuss both views“.

Now, state at least 2 reasons with appropriate examples for each of the views. Let me try supporting both views for the same reason.

Reason 1: In infrastructure projects financing is required to purchase raw material, pay salaries to staff and (connecting/ linking words) pay contractors and sub-contractors. However, equally important is the availability of resourceful (collocations while maintaining parallelism) vendors, skilled engineers, and capable contractors.

Example 1: Several clean energy power plants have been established in isolated villages of India using funds provided by the World Bank. In one such program (referencing) in Punjab, my home state, the World Bank granted aid of more than USD 5 million to set up a 5 MW solar power plant. However, these projects have been executed by internationally and domestically trained workforce that understands such projects inside out. Without trained workforce to execute and monitor the project, the aid of World Bank would have been useless.

Reason 2: Let me give you a hint. Governments run various welfare programs to support poor citizens. For instance hospitals.

Example 2. An example of such welfare programs.

Finally, time to conclude the essay. Write a powerful conclusion by using elements of FUTURE and SUMMARY. Write a conclusion that presents a bright future using both approaches to development.

Example: To conclude, developing countries need global finance as well as right skill set and advice from international experts to execute projects aimed at the welfare of its citizens. Clearly, the cooperation of various countries, international institutions, global corporations and non-governmental organizations is required to improve the position of billions of people living in developing countries.

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