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IELTS Speaking task: a cafe you often visit

You can send your answers to eltecielts@gmail.com.

Describe a cafe you like and visit often. Please say

1. Where and what is it?

2. When do you usually go there?

3. What do you usually order there?

Please note: This is a sample answer. Please make your own answer and send or via email or whatsapp. You’ll have 1 minute to think and 2 minutes to present your answer.

Introduction: I really love visiting cafes and restaurants in my home town Chandigarh.

Body: However, the cafe I like visiting the most is Costa Cafe in sector 17. Sonce the cafe is close to my home in sector 16, I visit it frequently during evenings to read books or chat with friends. Though I enjoy a lot of dishes at the cafe, I regularly order Cappuccino – King size – and vegetable roll.

Followup questions:

1. What do you like or dislike about this cafe?

The best part is cafe’s location close to my home. The worst part is poor service.

2. Will you go there again?

Certaily. I would really love to visit the cafe again.

3. Do you visit it by yourself or with friends?

I usually visit it to read books. However, sometimes I spend quality time at cafe with my friends.

4. Do you think people are meant to live in big cities surrounded by strangers?

Absolutely not. We are happy spending time woth friends and family irrespective of where we live.

5. Why do you think so?

Since man is a social animal, he can’t live without family and friends.

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