IELTS Speaking task, May 2017, February 2018, May 2018: foreign country you wish to work in.

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May 2017

Describe a foreign country where you would like to work for a period of time. Please say:

1. What country would it be?

2. What would you like to do there?

3. Why do you want to go to this place?

Please note: This is a sample answer. You’ll have 1 minute to think and 2 minutes to present your answer.

Brainstorming Chart:

IELTS Cue Card Country You Like to Work..png

Introduction: Well, I have enough experience living and working in Eastern nations. So, I would love to work in a western country – preferably Canada. (Name of the country)

Body: I would love to work as an engineer in Canadian construction projects. The reason is plain and simple: engineering. I wish to learn how difficult engineering tasks are achieved in extremely cold countries such as Canada. I sometimes wonder how engineers work in extreme events such as blizzards and how structures/buildings are protected from the weather. (What would you like to do?)

Canada is the perfect place to learn extreme weather engineering since it is a multi-cultural country which accepts people from different backgrounds. It will offer me rich work experience irrespective of my nationality and skin color. (Why Canada?)

February 2018:

Talk about a country where you want to settle down in the future. Please say

– What country is it?
– Where did you hear about it?
– What attracts you to it?

May 2018:

Talk about a country or city where you would like to live and work in the future. Please say

– What country/city is it?
– Why would you like to live there?
– What do you like the most about that place?

Followup questions:

1. What is so special about this country?

This question will be asked if you have not answered your cue card question (Why do you want to go to this place?) satisfactorily.

Well, as I said just a moment ago, I wish to learn engineering in extreme weather.

2. Why do people choose to go abroad for study or work?

People prefer to go to a foreign country to learn about global developments in their industry and gain valuable global exposure.

3. What are the advantages of working or studying abroad?

Again, this question will be asked if you have not answered the previous question satisfactorily.

Well, the greatest advantage is global exposure as I just said moments ago. Also, such exposure helps people secure better job when they come back to their own country.

4. Do you see yourself working in your favorite place in the future?

Of course, I’m preparing for exams such as IELTS and GRE which will accomplish this goal in the near future.

5. What do you think is more important, a good job or a good place to live?

Well, I guess both are equally important. A person needs a calm, friendly and environmentally clean place for the family. However, for professional satisfaction an economically rewarding job is crucial.

6. What do people consider when looking for a place to settle and live with a family?

The primary factor is the peaceful atmosphere of the place. This is not only in terms of crime and physical violence but also in terms of government’s friendly behavior towards citizens. This also includes the factor of freedom to express oneself openly.

7. Has the quality of life gone up or down all over the world, in your opinion?

During the second half of twentieth century and first quarter of the twenty-first century, the standard of living has shot up tremendously throughout the world due to an unprecedented rise in wealth, easy availability of food, and absence of widespread conflict.

8. Do you think the government plays an important role in increasing the quality of life in the society?

Certainly, the government plays an instrumental role in improving citizens’ lifestyle by providing well paid, permanent jobs and various welfare systems such as subsidized health care and free education.



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