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IELTS Speaking task: A neighbour you know well

You can send us your answers at eltecielts@gmail.com.

Talk about a neighbor you know well. Please say

1. Who he/she is?

2. How did you meet him/her?

3. Do you like him/her? Why?

Please note: This answer is for demonstration only. Please use this as a hint to create your own answer.

Introduction: Neighbours, the people who live next door, often help each other and become friends.

Body: My neighbor Will and I are good friends. I have been living at King Street, London for the past several years and Will has been my neighbor all these years.

Body continues: One day while I was driving my car out of the garage, it suddenly broke down. I was getting late for an important meeting. Just then I saw Will whom I had told about the meeting the previous night and, surprisingly, he offered me a lift. I knew that he was getting late for work too. However, he sacrificed his work to help me in the hour of need. I like him and I’ll always be grateful to him.

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