Writing Task 2

IELTS essay task 2: children today are not as healthy as in past

health and preventive care IELTS PTE

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Some people think that children today are not as fit and healthy as in the past. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinions, reasons, and solutions.

(250 words, 40 minutes)


IntroductionDo not repeat the language of the question in your answer. Use synonyms and rephrasing to restructure the sentence. Let me write a sample introduction.

Example: With rapid advancements in technology in the 21st century, the lifestyle of children has changed dramatically. While children used to play outdoors and indulge in physical activities, these days they prefer to stay home. Such lifestyle changes have adversely affected fitness and health levels of children as compared to that of kids in the past.

Now, do not say that you agree or disagree with the given statement. You have implicitly agreed with the given statement.

Please write your introduction ………

After stating the introduction, it is time to write reasons. I suggest writing at least 2 reasons with examples. Solutions will form the final paragraph.

Reason 1. The primary change is lifestyle is related to eating habits. These days children are more inclined to eat junk food at McDonald’s than healthy and nutritious home cooked food.

NOTE ON EXAMPLE: IELTS or any other English language exam tests your ability to write well and NOT your ability to write TRUTH. So, you can create examples that do not exist. You will not be penalized for that. I’ve done exactly that in the example below.

Example 1. World Health Organisation recently conducted a global survey on the eating behavior of children and its consequences. The survey revealed that primary cause of obesity and related health disorders among today’s children is consumption of junk food. While obesity was absent in children in 1970s, more than 50 percent of kids in developed countries are obese today.

Reason 2. Hint: Related to a sedentary lifestyle and consequent lethargy.

Example 2. Create your own example. Ask me for help, if needed.

Finally, we come to solutions. It will be better if we can write 2 solutions at least. Let me help you with the first one.

Solution 1. Parental control is the key to shape a kid’s lifestyle. If parents do not eat junk food, the child is less likely to indulge in such meals.

Solution 2. Make your own mates!

Ok. Here’s a tip on the conclusion. Conclusion includes elements of FUTURE and SOLUTION. It is NOT summary as it is widely believed. Write an excellent conclusion using the 2 solutions and share the complete essay with me.

Ask any doubts in the comments box below.

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