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IELTS Speaking: An event you enjoyed recently

You can email your answers at eltecielts@gmail.com.

Describe an event that you enjoyed recently. Please say

1. What was the event

2. When and where did it take place

3. Who was there with you.

This answer is a sample only. Please make your own answer and send it to me. I’ll check it, for free 😊.

Introduction: I attend several functions – both professional and personal – each year. But the event I enjoyed the most was the Jaipur Literature Event at Jaipur, India in October 2016.

Body: I really love reading books and literature event is like a visit to a temple or church. At Jaipur literature event I not only met famous authors such as Salman Rushdie and William Dalrymple but also heard stories from many authors about their upcoming books – fiction as well as non-fiction. An even more exciting thing was that I met a large number of book lovers and we decided to form a facebook group and discuss latest books on the forum.

Followup questions:

1. Did you enjoy the event?

Certainly. I really loved it. 

2. What was special about it?

This question will be asked if you’ve not explained the event the way I have.

3. Do you think children spend less time on books these days? Why?

I believe they spend less time reading books because they prefer visiting social media websites like facebook or instagram or watch movies on netflix and youtube.

4. Are there some approached that can be used to enable them read books.

I think parental control over access to smart phones and computers or even creation of social media accounts is vital. Equally important is for parents to read books since children often emulate parents.

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