Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing task 2, April 2017: Involving students in running schools

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Some people believe that for an effective studying process at school students should be involved in decisions how to run the school. Do you agree or disagree with his statement?

(250 words, 40 minutes)


Introduction: Introduction is meant to provide a general outline to the topic. Donot jump into details while writing intro. Also, please avoid repeating question’s language. You should rephrase the sentence by using words other than those in the question. Let me give you an example.

Example: Since their first appearance in human history, schools have been the only institutions in the world that have functioned without active feedback from their primary customers, students. Schools have always functioned by strict rules rather than seeking constructive advice from all stakeholders, particularly students. I believe it is time to reform this system.

Please write your introduction ………..

Okay. Now that you’ve written an introduction in favour of the given statement, its time to support that with reasons and examples. Please write at least 2 reasons and 2 examples.

Reason 1: Schools have always followed a rigid and theoretical pattern of education that has failed to involve students in the learning process. Thus, this institution has failed in its basic purpose: educating pupils.

Example 1: There are umpteen examples of people who were never good at studies in school but they succeded in life by treading a practical path. For instance Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic, was a poor student in school because mudane and theoretical study never excited him.

Reason 2.

Example 2.

Once you’ve written 2 reasons and 2 examples, its time to close the essay with solutions. Conclusion often involves solutions and/or future and/or summary.

Write a great conclusion and do not forget to share with me.

Stay tuned for more.

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