IELTS Writing and Speaking vocab – 1

What is the best possible way to improve vocabulary for a reputable (yup, I abstained from using ‘good’) score in IELTS. As I’ve discussed in here, there is only one creadible way – read and note down difficult words persistently.

Let me start this exercise for the readers. I’m going to present a news with 8 to 9 band words in bold. You should try to use these words in your speaking or writing exam.

Birkshire Hathway Inc. is already examining ways to benefit from the lower corporate tax rate proposed by President Donald Trump. The company had a slight preference for taking a tax loss on some of its investments in the first quarter because it expects that such a loss will be less valuable to Birkshire shareholders in the future.

The Trump administration unveiled a plan to lower taxes on all businesses to 15%. Most of the Birkshire revenue comes from the U.S, so it expects a large benefit from lower taxes.

Okay. Time to repeat these words:

1. Examine

2. Benefit from

3. Proposed by

4 Preference for

5. Expect

6. Unveiled

Your task is to look up for these words in a dictionary. Remeber “Developing vocabulary is a marathon, not a sprint.”

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