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IELTS Speaking April, August, and September 2017: Two members of​ the same family.

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Describe two people of the same family that you know well. Please say

  1. Who are they?
  2. How did you meet? (How do you know them)
  3. What did you do together?
  4. What are their similarities and differences?

Please use the given answer for understanding only. Make your own answer and answer in the comments box below.

Well, I know my best friend Ajit and his twin brother Raj very closely since 2010. (Who are they)

While Ajit and I were classmates during university days, I met Raj during a trip when my family and Ajit’s family went together to Darjeeling, the queen of hills. Though it was a recreational trip, I was impressed with the width of knowledge Raj possessed. He was well versed in all topics ranging from politics to economics and from science to mathematics. It was a wonderful experience discussing with him current developments in India and the world. We became good friends that day. (How did you meet; What did you do together)

Ajit and Raj are very similar yet different. They have the same height, body weight, and face. Yet they are miles apart in thought. While Raj is an intellectual and well versed in all subjects, Ajit is a sportsperson who has no love for books, magazines, and newspapers. Behaviourally they are different too. Raj is mild-mannered and reserved whereas Ajit is aggressive and jovial. (Similarities and Differences)

Follow-up Questions:

– Why do you think they are similar to each other?
– Do you think that children should learn more about their family?
– What kind of things should children learn in particular?
– Is family life important in your country? Why?
– Can children learn the same things about family life from the society in general?
– How do parents influence children’s life?
– Do you think all parents motivate their children to have a good career?

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