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IELTS Speaking, May 2017: A tall building

Tall building IELTS.jpg

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Talk about a tall building you know. Please say:

1. What and where is it?

2. What does it look like?

3. Do you like or dislike it?

Note: Please take hints from the answer and create your own answer.

Introduction: New Delhi, my home town, has several structures – historical to modern – that attract a person’s attention. 

Body: The structure I love the most is Qutub Minar, a World Heritage Site, in Mehrauli area of Delhi. It is basically a tower built by Delhi Sultanat about 1000 years old. It is a cylindrical building of about 4 stories. Its purpose was to keep watch on any invading army.

Since I’m fond of historical buildings, I really love this structure. Despite its age, the structure is still strong and the design is still beautiful and elegant.

Followup questions: these questions are based on your answer. For your unique answer these questions will change.

1. Does climate affect buildings?

Certainly. The elements of heat, cold, water, sunlight, dust and wind make a deep impact on buildings.

2. Why should historical buildings be conserved?

These structures are our shared heritage which is not any one generation’s property but a property of all future generations. Consequently, they must be preserved and protected.

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