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IELTS Speaking, May 2017, February 2018: an Advertisement you saw recently

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May 2017:

Describe an advertisement that you have seen recently and liked. Please say:

  1. What type of advertisement was it?
  2. What product/service was advertised?
  3. How did you feel about it? Why?

Note: This topic is for demonstration only. Please study the answer and make your own. IELTS will give you one minute to study cue-card and you should speak for one to two minutes.

Introduction: Advertisements are meant to inform customers about uses and uniqueness of a product.

Body: Recently I saw an advertisement of Just Dial, a unique website that provides information about addresses and phone numbers of various businesses in India. The advertisement featured Amitabh Bachchan, famous Indian actor, who advises customers to avoid several similar mobile applications and just install one Just Dial application as solution to numerous problems. The advertisement not only features a movie star but also informs customers about the uses of the service.

After watching this advertisement I realised that a lot of thinking had gone into creating it since the advertisement clearly conveyed the brand and presented Just Dial’s services and unique features that can not be replaced by any other brand. Moreover, the advertisement was fit to watch for all audiences and there was no objectionable, age-restricted content. I think all advertisement makers should learn from this advertisement’s design.

February 2018:

Describe an advertisement that you like the most. You should say

– What is the product in the advertisement?
– Where did you see it first?
– Why do you like the advertisement the most?

Followup questions:

How effective are advertisements in your opinion?

Well, advertisements are a channel used by businesses to communicate with customers. If they’re properly made with target audience in mind, they are an effective tool.

Should they be controlled by the government?

Some aspects need to be regulated. For instance, in certain advertisements content inappropriate for certain audiences, particularly children, is shown. This must be stopped.

Why do you think so?

Inappropriate content, which may contain violence, deeply impact tender minds of young children.

Do you think spending more on advertisement will make it better?

Of course not. There’s no link between spending more and quality of an advertisement. 

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