Writing Task 2

IELTS Essay Task 2: Financial Education in Schools

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Financial education should be mandatory component of the school programs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?
This question has 2 components, or as I prefer – 2 topics.

Topic 1: Financial education

Topic 2: School programs

While writing introduction focus on just these two topics and establish a link between them. Here’s how one of my students introduced the topics (after suitable corrections):

It is often argued that in a modernfinancially complex world educating students on money management should be an essential part of overall human education. While plethora of people believe that it should be an optional subject in school curriculum, I believe financial education should be made a compulsory subject in all schools. Without financial literacy a student can not successfully participate in her career and society.

Focus on the areas the student has mentioned. At no time did the student lose focus on Topic 1 or Topic 2.

Now, let us switch to body paragraphs. Body paragraphs are meant to explain REASONS with EXAMPLES supporting your OPINION.

Body Paragraph 1: Reason 1, Example 1.

Body Paragraph 2: Reason 2, Example 2.

Stick to this structure/ pattern.

Reason 1: Kids these days are being bombarded with (enticed with) attractive and new products everyday ranging from latest mobile phones to perfumes. Financial literacy on how to control the urge to spend and save for the future begins with a compulsory course in schools.

NOTE: I’ve connected the reason with both essay topics – financial literacy as well as schools.

Now, the ball is in student’s court. Please create an example that connects both topics – 1 and 2.

Similarly, make Reason 2 and Example 2.

Finally, let us switch to conclusion.

Conclusion contains two elements – future and/or solution.

A suitable conclusion could be: To conclude, teaching children the long-term benefits of financial education will play an instrumental/ important role in making strong and secure future for coming generations by cultivating long cherished and respected habit of “spending according to your income”.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    In financial education topic, you wrote “HER CAREER” in introduction; in last line – Without financial literacy a student can not successfully participate in her career and society.
    is it right word “HER” for students…?


    • Hi Santa Singh,

      “HER refers to A STUDENT”. You can use HIM. Gender doesn’t make any difference.

      Moreover, the paragraph is just an example of how you CAN write. There are umpteen better ways.



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