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IELTS Writing Task 2: Healthcare – private or government

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Some people think that private healthcare is better for the people. Others say that healthcare should be free of cost and run by the government.

Give your opinion with reasons and examples.

Before I start working on the structure, let me first discuss the two topics in the question. The question focuses on private and public healthcare as well as on the cost of healthcare. Thus the two topics are:

  1. Healthcare (private and public)
  2. Cost of healthcare

Once you have an idea of the two topics, you just have to write something about healthcare (its need, etc) and link that to cost for the people. Finally, you have to give your opinion.

Sample introduction Healthcare is a fundamental human need. Everyone is entitled to efficient and effective healthcare. Since there are people of different financial position in a society, I believe that we need an optimum mixture of private and government hospitals that complement each other.”

Notice that I have not lost the CONTEXT of the question (as shown by the underlined words). Do not lose context in any case. Period.

Let us discuss body paragraphs. These paragraphs must present reasons supporting your opinion. Now that I’ve supported “an optimum mixture of both private and government institutions”, I must state reasons supporting my view.

Body Paragraph 1: Reason 1, Example 1.

Body Paragraph 2: Reason 2, Example 2.

Body Paragraph 3: Reason 3, Example 3.

In each paragraph give one reason only along with an example supporting that reason. For instance, a body paragraph supporting private hospitals should look like:

“Private hospitals provide excellent patient care, have well-paid doctors and have latest medical machines. Consequently, they’re able to provide better medical care to any patient. For instance, a recent survey by Health Ministry of Punjab revealed that though the cost of medical care in private hospitals was higher in comparison to government hospitals, the quality of service in terms of availability of staff and condition of medical appliances was far better than government hospitals. Thus, private hospitals are better equipped to save lives than government ones.”

Please make your own Reason 2, Example 2 and Reason 3, Example 3.

Conclusion: Here’s the tricky part. How to conclude the essay. Well, if you understand the nature of conclusion, that’s easy. The conclusion is meant to CONCLUDE your essay. It’s not INTRODUCTION. Most students just rewrite introduction in conclusion. That’s wrong.

The conclusion is, usually, future + solution/impact if your suggestions given in the body paragraph are accepted. A sample conclusion could be:

“In conclusion, to solve the global health care crisis, governments and private healthcare providers need to unite and compliment each other’s efforts. While private hospitals need to make services cheaper without sacrificing quality, the government should expand its operations to reach farthest corners of the country.”

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  1. Hello ! Sir why did you write the essay in this form , Notice that I have not lost the CONTEXT of the question. And also Body Paragraph 1 Body Paragraph 2 Body Paragraph 3 . We cannot write in a paragraph form. .


  2. Hello sir,

    While studying for the IELTS, I realized that there are different types of essays for task 2. Like the format you have on this post is for an opinion essay, where can I find the one for Direct Question essay, discussion essay, solution essay, advantage/disadvantage essay or do i have to use this same format for all?

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    • Well, the structure remains the same. You have to write reasons and examples supporting – your opinion, advantages/ disadvantages, solution as well as discussion. Only the answer’s SKIN changes while the structure (SKELETON) stays the same.


    • Dear Priji John, I have mentioned the structure of the essay and have written the introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion. There are enough ideas to explore. Please write an essay and share it with me. I’m sure you can do that. If you are facing any specific issues in writing, please let me know.


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