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IELTS Speaking test May 2017: An event you had to wait

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Describe an event you had to wait for. Please say:

  1. What the event was?
  2. Why did you have to wait for it?
  3. What did you do while waiting?

Introduction: We usually wait for events we consider important. I usually do not like to wait at any event, however, last Sunday I attended a function that launched the last book by my favourite author Salman Rushdie and offered an opportunity to meet the celebrity writer.

Body: That was a dream come true. I had always wanted to meet him. So, I reached the venue – hotel James – in Chandigarh. I guess I grossly underestimated his fan following in my home town. Hotel James was packed with his fans and hundreds of people were waiting in the lobby and drop-off zone. Soon the event organisers requested everyone to form a queue. The queue was so long that I had to wait for about 2 hours to get my copy of the book signed by Mr. Rushdie. Though I met him for about 1 minute, waiting in the queue for so long was a worthy of it.

Followup questions:

Let us talk about patience. What do you think about patience?

I guess patience is one of the greatest human quality and it is much needed these days.

Why do you think patience is the greatest virtue?

Humans today have all the means to live a comfortable life. We gain materialistic things every day. However, in this process we’re losing some important qualities such as patience very rapidly. 

Do we have to wait more or less for things to happen these days?

Well, I guess the wait times actually have shortened. But out patience in the digital age has fallen more drastically. Consequently, we think we are waiting for a long time. But that’s not the case.

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