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IELTS Essay Task 2: Homework for Children

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Some people believe that no homework should be given to children. Others, however, say extra work is needed after school for children and teenagers in order to succeed. Discuss both views and give your opinion including reasons and relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

I’m going to give you a detailed structure. All you have to do is FILL IT UP. Plain and simple. Right? Well, no. Before we proceed, you should go through my tips on writing essays.

Like almost all IELTS essays, this topic links 2 topics. These are:

Topic 1: Homework (none or extra)

Topic 2: Children and teenagers

Since introduction involves explaining the two topics, linking them and stating your opinion, please write it in the following space (Of course you can’t write on this page. Either print it or copy paste on a computer):

Introduction (30 to 40 words):

Now, unlike previous essays, I’m going to abstain from giving you hints on body paragraphs. All I’ll say is that the essay demands “you to explain both opinions while writing body paragraphs“:

Body Paragraph 1:

Reason 1 supporting Opinion 1:



Example 1 supporting Opinion 1:



Body Paragraph 2:Read your OPINION before proceeding.

Reason 2 supporting Opinion 2 (Your opinion):



Example 2 supporting Opinion 2 (Your opinion):



Once you’re done with 2 body paragraphs, it is time to write a suitable conclusion. Remember, conclusion includes the elements of future and/or solution. “Can you think of a BRIGHTER future if  your opinion is implemented?” I’m sure you can.




Please go through a student’s answer (as well as corrections) on this question.

That’s it. You’re ready to submit it now. Email it to eltecielts@gmail.com

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

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  1. I have sent you an email with my essay written .Could you please correct it for me?thanks for your assistance .


  2. Teachers often assign homework for students to ensure they have fully understood the lessons they recently had at school.However,some parents consider it as a burden and believe students do not need to have any at home. On the contrary,others think it is quite beneficial.Students ought to have home assignments on regular basis in order to pass their exams and achieve high scores.I agree that students should be given homework regularly ,but age should be taken in consideration.Younger students are to be given assignments but teachers should keep in mind that they need time to rest and get enough sleep.While teenagers are having tougher lessons they need to practice more frequent .I believe they must be given homework to get to know their points of weakness and try to work harder on them.

    Some people believe homework is not essential .It is unnecessary to be done frequently.Students can spend their time seeking for more information through surfing the internet or reading a book rather than regular homework.They can develop their cognitive skills by doing more observations on science topics for example.

    On the other hand, others support assigning homework for students.Frequent practice helps teachers and students as well.It allows teachers to distinguish the unclearly explained points to.Moreover, they can track students progress and assist low level students to exert more effort.Students will get to develop their skills ,which will keep their minds sharp and aid them in attaining high scores.Mathematics topics for instance are interconnecting. They need to be fully practiced,which can only be achieved by doing regular homework.

    In conclusion,homework is a useful tool for both teachers and students.It contributes in continuous monitoring of the students level at school.


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