Writing task 1

Strategy and tips for IELTS task 1 – oil consumption and production.

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Please try to follow the structure of the essay. The purpose of writing this task is to help learn how to write well.


The given two pie-charts present information on quantity of oil production and consumption in million barrels per day in seven regions of the world in 2005.

I’ve highlighted certain words because students often fail to use them properly. They fail to mention TWO pie charts. Many students mention “the pie charts present quantity of oil consumption”. The charts do not present quantity. They present INFORMATION on quantity. Some students use “countries” in place of regions. Africa is not a country. It is a continent with more than 50 countries.

Body Paragraphs:

In this case we need to divide body paragraphs into two parts – consumption and production. Let me present data on consumption.

Highest: U.S.A and Canada = 31.10% of global consumption

Lowest: Africa = 3.3% of global consumption.

Order – U.S.A and Canada; Asia Pacific; Europe; Latin America; Middle East; former Soviet Union; Africa.

Let me put the data in right format. But before that, a piece of advice. Please use active voice in writing section. Period. Moreover most students have little idea how to present numbers. For that I suggest using MODIFIERS in some cases. Let the modifiers start with “which”. For instance:

U.S.A and Canada (Subject), which contributed 31.1% of global oil consumption (Modifier), were the largest consumers of oil followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. Latin America, Middle East, former Soviet Union and Africa accounted for about 19.7% of global oil consumption. Africa was the smallest consumer of oil among these regions.

Since we’re talking of global oil consumption, we need to use accounted for or contributed in place of another consumption.


Once you’re done with writing about production, the game is not over. You’re supposed to compare the two charts as well and report which countries have oil surplus and which have oil deficit. Just write ONE LINE to make this point. For instance:

“It is evident from the two charts that while Latin America, Africa, former Soviet Union and Middle East have oil surplus, Asia Pacific, Europe, U.S.A and Canada have oil deficit.”

Alternately, you can also write net oil importers and net oil exporters. Please note the usage of while construction to compare two opposite things.

Also, we’ve not mentioned all the numbers. Why? Because IELTS always says “Summarise and report main features and comparisons.” You’re supposed to summarise, not write all numbers.

I’m sure with these guidelines you’re well equipped to write the production paragraph. Please write and feel free to share with us.

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