IELTS Speaking Interview: All Questions May – June 2017.



I’ve compiled almost all IELTS interview questions asked during the months of May and June. These questions (after removing repetitions) boil down to just 64.

As I explained in an earlier post, the purpose of IELTS speaking is to judge your communication skills. Whether you’re able to carry our a fairly intelligent conversation in English? A crucial element of that conversation is “Breaking the ice”. The first part of the speaking test is devoted to breaking the ice, that is getting familiar. Here are a few questions you need to prepare for this section. Keep visiting this post as I’ll be adding more questions to this already long list.

IELTS Interview questions:
  1. What is your full name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Tell me something about your place of residence/ hometown.
  4. Do you like your hometown?
  5. Mention some of the interesting things in your hometown.
  6. Is it a good place to live in?
  7. Tell me something about your home. Is it an apartment or a house?
  8. Do you like it?
  9. What do you normally see through the window of your home?
  10. How do you expect your future house? Why?
  11. Do you use emails?
  12. Are they popular in your country?
  13. Do you think emails will replace writing in future? Why?
  14. Do you work or study?
  15. What do you like about your work or study?
  16. What subjects are you studying?
  17. Why did you choose these subjects?
  18. What are you planning to work after completing your studies?
  19. Tell me something about your school/ college/ place of work.
  20. (If student) What would you like to become?
  21. What is the most important responsibility in your job? Why?
  22. What is the biggest challenge in your work?
  23. Do you have a lot of friends or just a few friends?
  24. Are you still in touch with your school friends?
  25. How often do you meet them?
  26. How do you travel from your home to office?
  27. Which mode of transport do you think is better – public or private? Why?
  28. What items do you carry when you leave your home? Why?
  29. How do you make sure nothing is forgotten?
  30. How do you spend your free time?
  31. How do people usually spend free time in your country?
  32. Let us talk about mirrors. Do you have a mirror at home?
  33. Do you watch yourself in the mirror? Why?
  34. Would you buy a piece of clothing without checking what it looks like in a mirror?
  35. Do you like history?
  36. Do you watch TV programs on history?
  37. Name a famous person from history that you’re interested in. Why are you interested in that person?
  38. Let us talk about dreams. Do you remember dreams when you wake up?
  39. Do you listen to other people’s dreams?
  40. Would you like to study dreams in the future?
  41. Do you like chocolates?
  42. Why are the chocolates so popular?
  43. Do you read books?
  44. Did you read books as a teenager?
  45. Do you read books online?
  46. Do you prefer to buy or borrow books?
  47. Tell me something about a celebrity in your country.
  48. Would you like to be a celebrity in the future? Why?
  49. Do you play any musical instrument?
  50. What do you think about role of music today?
  51. Do you like making a lot of friends or do you have only one close friend?
  52. How do you spend time with friends?
  53. Do you have house chores? What are they?
  54. Did you help your parents in house chores as a kid?
  55. Do you think it is essential for kids to do household chores? Why?
  56. How often do you watch television?
  57. Did you watch TV as a child? Why? Which TV serials or movies?
  58. Do you like buying shoes?
  59. What do you prefer to wear – comfortable or fashionable shoes?
  60. Have you ever bought shoes online?
  61. Is it good to have many pairs of shoes?
  62. Do you like taking photographs?
  63. What do you do with these photos?
  64. Do you like taking photos while on a trip?

To get help from one of our IELTS examiners, please visit our study plans page.

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