Reading Tasks: Some practice exercise.

A few interesting reading questions from a few equally interesting articles. Please answer the questions in comments section.

You can read the following passage here.

“I like to think of different writing styles as of a crate of onions. Just imagine a huge crate of onions somewhere at a farmers’ market, baking in the sun. It’s full: that’s multitude of writers in the world. Some big and quite experienced, others young, and yet small. They might look pretty much the same to an unpracticed eye, but you should look closer. They all have differences, visible even with a naked eye.

Try picturing these onions peeled, one by one. Carefully, like you would with the gentlest of creations, take the layers apart. Every layer is different. Some petals are thicker and juicer, some thinner and more delicate. And when you get to the heart of the onion — look — they all are unique, no matter how many onions you peel in your imagination or in your kitchen.”

Question 1: The author talks about layers of an onion to suggest:

  1. Different writing styles of different authors.
  2. Different writing styles of the same author.
  3. Same writing style of different authors.
  4. Multitude of authors in the world.

Please feel free to read this well written article here.

“Over the last several months, some of the leaders of innovative design have taken ‘minimal design’ to the next level. Facebook, Airbnb and Apple have followed a similar blueprint to simplify prominent products in a way that reflects this new trend of ‘Complexion Reduction’ in mobile design.

You’ve never heard of ‘Complexion Reduction’ you say? Well yea, that’s because I just made the term up. Recently I’ve noticed a new trend that is beyond flat design, beyond minimal design and independent of progressive reduction. Some may claim that this is just the next step of minimal design being implemented into the mobile realm but I say it is something more distinct. There are specific similarities and characteristics that define this new trend.

I first started taking notice of this trend back in early May when Instagram released their redesigned User Interface (UI). Some of the changes they introduced included removing much of the blue and dark grey colour used throughout the app, making headlines bolder and simplifying the bottom navigation and icons. What was left was a black and white UI with bold headlines where the content shined and functionality was clear. I appreciated the less cluttered interface.”

Question 2: By “Complexion Reduction” the author refers to:

  1. Reducing clutter on the app.
  2. Reducing complexity of app design.
  3. Improving functionality of the app
  4. All of the above.

Question 3: Yes/ No/ Not Given:

A. The idea of Complexion Reduction is being implemented by most of the major technology players.

B. Complexion Reduction will tremendously transform the way humans interact with mobile applications.

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