IELTS Speaking Exercise: Learning to Speak Slowly.


“As a little girl, her first memories were clouded by confusion. It was the 1960’s, and she was just six years old when her father’s Air Force unit got deployed to Vietnam. Her dad was heading to a jungle, and her mother was no longer excited about life.

She was the youngest of four, and her home was chaotic. She laid in bed at night and wondered if anything would ever be the same.

Soon, the Vietnam War permeated all aspects of the culture. Her mother tried to shield her, but the media was relentless. She would watch cartoons, and immediately after they ended, footage of jungles and dead American soldiers filled the screen. Every image filled her mind with terror and added to the uncertainty. Years passed, and her father eventually returned, but things would never be the same. The time apart, the fear she felt worrying about him, and the images on TV would never leave her mind.”

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