May 2017 Writing Task 2: Animal Species Facing Extinction.


Some animal species are now completely extinct. Many people believe that we should prevent this from happening in the future. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Like all IELTS essays, this essay too contains two topics:

Topic 1: Animal species extinct.

Topic 2: Prevent in future (Other species may become extinct)

Okay. Most students fail in sticking to the question. The question is on EXTINCTION and not the problems animals face. For instance, you may mention that whales are dying due to plastic pollution or oil spills in the oceans. However, this must be linked to extinction. Similarly, you may mention death of birds due to smog. However, as long as you’ve not linked these deaths to extinction, your answer is wrong and out of context.

Introduction: Introduce the topic by mentioning species that are extinct now and those that are close to extinction. For instance:

“In the history of earth, numerous species such as dinosaurs have evolved and died due to natural causes. However, species extinction during the past 100 years has largely been due to human interference on nature’s affairs. I strongly believe that any species extinction due to anthropogenic factors should be strictly prevented.” 

Please note the usage of adverbs: strongly and strictly. I’ve said and written this time and again “Adjectives and Adverbs add value to your English language speaking and writing.”

Now, once you’re done with introduction, its time to write body paragraphs:

Body paragraph 1: Reason 1, Example 1.

Explain one human factor leading to species extinction.

Body paragraph 2: Reason 2, Example 2

Explain another human factor leading to species extinction.

Once you’re done explaining human factors leading to species extinction, it is important that your conclusion contains SOLUTION to the problem and like all proposed solutions, this should also be in FUTURE tense.

Time to write this essay and share with ELTEC team.

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    • Well, my response is based on the premise that we can not prevent species extinction due to natural causes. For instance, in an ice age like event, we can’t protect a lot of animal species (there are millions of them). However, all extinctions due to human interference can be prevented. For instance, Vultures and Tigers are on the verge of extinction due to human greed and pollution. We can prevent that. Can’t we?

      I look forward to checking your essay on this topic. Good Luck!


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