June 2017 IELTS GT: Business Trip to See Some Equipment


You have recently been on a business trip to see some equipment that your company needs. Write a letter to the company that owns this equipment and say

– Describe the equipment.
– Ask for the features and specifications of this equipment.
– Explain why your company needs this equipment.

Okay. This seems too technical. Equipment? Am I a mechanical engineer? Why does IELTS ask such weird questions?

Well, you’re not supposed to write anything technical. The good news is, with some advice, this seemingly difficult topic will become a cake walk.

Let us begin!

Your first task is to define the equipment. If you’re a doctor, pick a MRI scanner (too complex) or a stethoscope (too simple). If you’re an geographer, pick a new type of compass. If you’re not a specialist (like me), you can pick a newly released Apple laptop.

Let us pick a new Apple Laptop for our answer. Describing specifications for an Apple laptop are easy (all figures are hypothetical) – 10 gigabyte RAM, 2 terabyte internal memory, Retina display, ultra HD graphics card, touch screen, unbreakable, Omni-core processor. (While Octa-core = 8, Omni-core = 70; again hypothetical.)

Finally, why your company needs it? Well, its a software company, let us suppose, that deals in new generation technological research such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the latest Apple laptop (with its processing power) is most suitable for meeting requirements of these areas.

Fairly simple, isn’t it? Well, just put these ideas in right words and your job is done.


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