IELTS Speaking June and July 2017; November 2018: A Piece of Clothing.

Piece of Clothing IELTS PTE.jpg

This cue card has been asked multiple times in June and July 2017 IELTS exams.

Talk about your favorite piece of clothing. Please say

– What is it? (Garment, type)
– Why do you like it?
– How often do you wear it?

Here is a November 2018 version of the same question:

Talk about an item of clothing you wore that was different from your normal clothes. Please say

– What was it?
– When and where did you wear it?
– What was so special about it?

Well, thinking about your favorite piece of clothing is NOT difficult. However, effectively answering the elements of the question is.

Most students start the answer with “My favorite piece of clothing is ….”. If you’re one of them, you’ve lost any chance of scoring more than 6.5 bands by merely repeating the question. DO NOT REPEAT THE QUESTION. Period. That’s the cardinal sin in IELTS exam.

Why do you like it? “I like it because …..” NOPE! Stop! Think and act.

“Since my husband gifted this dress to me on our second marriage anniversary, I have a special fondness for this lovely dress.”

Make a story if none exists. Let me present a model answer:

I’m a party person, and I love trying new dresses. Though I regularly wear jeans and t-shirts, I prefer different dressed for various occasions. Last year, I heard the Indian Prime Minister’s message of purchasing khadi clothes, which are made up of traditional Indian material, because purchasing these clothes supports poor cloth makers in Indian villages. So, I bought a khadi kurta pajama. (Story + What is it + it is different from other stresses.)

I’m in love with this dress. It is extremely comfortable, simple yet stylish as compared to western dresses. The material is soft and smooth. It is elegant, and my colleagues have also started a khadi day. We wear a traditional dress every Wednesday in our office. I also use this dress for special occasions and parties. The khadi fashion is catching up in my circle of friends and family. (Why like? How often?)

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