IELTS Speaking Cue-Card June and August 2017: Try a New Activity

activity IELTS PTE

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

The cue card was repeated several times in June and August 2017.

Talk about an occasion when you had to try a new activity for the first time. Please say

– What kind of activity was it?
– Where and when did it happen?
– Did you like it or not? Why?

Mark the words: Occasion and New Activity. Well, IELTS demands that students should never repeat the question statement. Please DO NOT start with “I remember an occasion when I tried a new activity.” A sample introduction could be:

“I love trying/ carrying out/ attempting new and exciting/ adventurous things. Last month ……………Name the activity and the place.”

All you’re left with is explaining whether you liked it or not and why? Let me simplify it. Try to answer the following simple questions:

  1. Nature of the activity – adventurous, exciting, loving.
  2. Name two traits that make it loveable.
  3. Explain the two traits.
  4. Perhaps the people you went with made it more exciting.
  5. The likeness is determined not merely by the activity but also by people who’re involved in it.

Okay. Simple IELTS speaking task. Isn’t it? Well, try it for yourself and send us your response.

Follow-up Questions:

– Was it a dangerous activity, in your opinion?
– Do people get enough information about it?
– What do you want to try next?
– Why?

Ask any doubts in the comments box below.

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