IELTS Writing Task 2: Spend Money to Enjoy Life or Save it for Future.

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Many people believe that they should spend their money to enjoy life at present. Others, however, think that they should save it for the future. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

People have different lifestyles. While some people are focused on living their lives the way they like, no matter how much money they spend, others tend to be more future-oriented and think of keeping their money for futuristic goals and unexpected needs (I’m talking about contingency factors). I believe that rational expenditure of money is the optimum choice.

Introduction well written. Covered all points. 1. Opening sentence. 2. Both topics (A. Enjoy; B. Save) 3. Opinion. PERFECTO!

In a modern sophisticated life, where individuals are rushing to reach their materialistic goals, some people prefer to enjoy their lives without putting the saving obstacle (What do you mean by “Saving obstacle”?) on their ways (without indulging in any savings). They prefer to be instantaneously happy This kind of people often choose to and explore new experiences ranging from buying the top brand clothing or the highly expensive watch displayed at the store to enjoying the superb cruise all around the world. (Excellent from …. To …… construction with perfect parallelisms.)
Next Lesson: Use connectives to create COMPLEX SENTENCES. For instance, use of “and” above.
Although this lifestyle is keen on the happiness of the individuals at the present, it does not guarantee it (Misplaces PRONOUN. See below.) in the future. For instance, some Saudis are keen on buying splurging the latest car models with luxurious features as a kind of splurge, then they are forced to get bank loans to pay for their house rents.

On the contrary, Other people favor spending their money on the necessities of life such as food, clothing, housing, schooling, medication, and healthcare.They do not include any recreational activities in their lifestyle.They prefer to plan for their future and save money to achieve their futuristic goals and save for the rainy day.This is clearly shown in the Egyptian society, where many middle-class families are keen on (we’ve used KEEN ON several times. Try using something else.) saving sufficient money for their offsprings. They believe keeping money would guarantee a better future for their children.

In my perspective, I would prefer to enjoy a moderate lifestyle. Maintaining a balance between both lifestyles is more convenient. There is no need to save a million dollar over years while being deprived of the chance to spend them the way I like.
Conclusion is very well-written.
Misplaced Pronoun: You’ve used two IT. Clearly, the first one refers to LIFESTYLE and, since one pronoun can refer to one noun only, the second “it” must also refer to lifestyle. However, you mean to point it towards happiness. This is wrong. Both IT will refer to the same noun.

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