IELTS June 2017 Cue-Card Speaking: A work you would like to do.

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Describe a work you would like to do, that you were unable to do in the past. Please say

– What type of work is it?
– How will you do it?
– Why is it important for you?

Another IELTS cue-card means another round of brainstorming. Let’s get started!

“A work you would like to do” can be either professional or personal or both (if you’re lucky enough to have your hobby as your profession). However, it must not be something you’re doing right now. I must be something you DREAM of doing one day.

But, what do you mean by WORK? Work refers to any task you would like to do. You can choose to make your city clean, preserve the environment, draw paintings or write poetry. All these are examples of work.

For instance, “I used to be a good painter as a child. However, as I grew older other professional compulsions consumed my time and I could never hone my painting skills. I still crave to become a painting artist some day. “

Now comes the more challenging part. How will you accomplish this task? Well, give a plan. A step by step procedure. I’ll suggest writing 3 points.

  1. I’ll brush up my long forgotten skills with a teacher.
  2. Will allocate at least 2 hours every day to accomplish the task.
  3. Spread the word.

“Why is it important to you” is another challenge. Give a personal reason why the activity is close to your heart. Perhaps you always wanted to become a painter. However, you could never accomplish your dreams.

Okay. The idea is more than clear. Now, pick your notebook, think for about one minute and make a 7-band 2-minute IELTS response.


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