IELTS Writing Task 2: Additional Economic Wealth Increases Happiness in Rich Countries.

Economic wealth brings more happiness IELTS PTE.jpg

Some people think that if a country is already rich any addition in economic wealth does not make its citizens happier. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

250 words at least.

Here’s an essay in which one of my best students lost context. So, I’ve decided to write an essay with Harman’s assistance (he’ll be joining us as a blogger soon). Let us start with keywords first.

Keywords: Rich/ developed countries; Additional wealth; Citizens happier (more happy than they already are).

Remember, IELTS grades you for generation and organization of ideas in your essay. So, let us start with:

  1. What does Additional Wealth mean?
  2. What does Citizens Happier mean?

Additional wealth here refers to additional money in the pocket of an individual. That is if citizens are richer than they already are, will they be happy? Now, being happy refers to enjoying your time, contentment and pleasure. Once you understand the meaning of these words, writing an introduction is a piece of cake. Here’s a sample for you:

“Citizens of developed countries have innumerable avenues to enjoy their life. While some people believe additional resources will not add value to their already happy life, I think otherwise. Each additional dollar in a resident of a rich nation increases chances of purchasing products that bring joy and pleasure to him.”

You’ve stated your opinion clearly. There’s no doubt where your loyalty stands (who doesn’t want to be a rich man in Australia? I’m jealous Harman). All you have to do now is support your opinion.

Body Paragraph 1: Reason 1, Example 1.

Body Paragraph 2: Reason 2, Example 2.

As always, I’ll desist from giving you ideas. Make your own and feel free to share with us.

Once we’re done with the body, it’s time to conclude. Though conclusion depends on body text, let me give you a sample with elements of future and impact ingrained in it.

“To conclude, an extra padding of money to spend on things other than necessities of life will increase a person’s satisfaction. Such increase in consumerism will further increase national the growth rate as well as jobs in the country, thereby increasing overall happiness.”

Plain and simple, right? Well, it consumed all my brain power. Time for a much-needed coffee break.

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