IELTS Essay Task 2 June 2017: Teaching style will change by 2050.

3979869492c98968e6b3a7064f59ffc9-6Today’s typical method of teaching involving direct communication between teachers and students will not exist by 2050. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion and examples.

250 words at least

Well, let me state my opinion before we begin discussing the essay. I strongly agree with this statement. Why? Look around yourself. 4-year university degrees are losing sheen because they’re useless. They’re not only outdated but also do not secure a well-paid job. I’d rather prefer learning a course from experts on Edx or Udemy than study in a class.

Let us proceed to the task at hand. First things first. Identify the keywords.

Keywords: Methods of teaching; Teachers and students.

Like all, well almost, IELTS essays this essay too has two topics:

Topic 1: Methods of teaching.

Topic 2: Direct communication or an alternative communication channel (perhaps Youtube or an online class).

Once we’ve identified a topic, it’s time to write an introduction. It must introduce and connect, as explained in previous blog posts, both topic 1 and topic 2. Look at the following sample:

“The emergence of latest communication technologies such as Youtube, Team Viewer, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype have changed the world around us. Teaching methodologies are no exception to this rule. Direct classroom based teaching has witnessed falling numbers in recent years. Gradually, education is shifting online.”

Once you’re done with the intro, it’s time to use ideas to create body paragraphs. Use body paragraphs to give reasons and examples supporting your opinion.

Body Paragraph 1: Reason 1 (reduce the high cost of education, courses relevant to industry), Example 1 (Microsoft teaches online courses at a low cost).

Body Paragraph 2: Reason 2 (Convenient), Example 2 (Youtube, blogs, websites – access at home).

Body Paragraph 3: Reason 3, Example 3.


Conclusion, as I’ve said numerous times earlier, includes elements of future and impact. Since this question is already on future, you should focus on impact only. Remember, reasons supporting your opinion are not “impact”.

While writing a powerful conclusion, you should ask: If students study online, what will be the impact on industry, economy, families, and individuals? Knowing the impact will help you write better.

Won’t write more than this. The ball is in your court now. Write this essay and share it with us.

Good Luck!

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