IELTS Essay Task 2: Technological Developments in Earlier and Recent Times.


Technological developments in earlier times brought more changes to the life of ordinary people than recent technological developments have brought. Do you agree or disagree?

250 words at least.

Sounds interesting! Let us first look at the keywords.

Keywords: Technological developments – earlier and recent; changes to life; ordinary people.

Now, IELTS demands understanding the two topics and link them to write a context focused answer. The two topics are:

Topic 1: Technological developments (earlier vs more recent)

Topic 2: Changes in life

Now, writing an introduction (for IELTS exam) requires students to follow a structured approach. Start with technological developments and link them with changes in the life of ordinary people. Do not forget to show your vocabulary. IELTS loves this. Write in 30 to 40 words.

Advancements in technical/ scientific knowledge since ancient times have deeply influenced the way humans live. From inventions such as the wheel and agriculture to computers and communication, humans have tremendously altered the world around them. However, I firmly believe that earlier inventions had a greater impact on our lifestyle than recent ones.”

Vocabulary: technical = scientific = inventions; changes = influence = altered = impact.

Note the use of adjectives/ intensifiers to stress on certain words. There are recommended in IELTS writing task 2 (essay) to make your point. For instance: deeply, tremendously, greater.

Once the introduction is done, it’s time to write body paragraphs. Body structure is fairly simple.

Body Para 1: Reason 1 why ancient technology influenced humans more than recent. Give example 1.

Body Para 2: Reason 2 why ancient technology influenced humans more than recent. Give example 2.

Body Para 3: You can choose to write this paragraph on how modern technology has also significantly influenced human lives.

Once body part is done, it’s time to conclude your essay. Conclusion containes the elements of FUTURE and IMPACT. Ask yourself “How will ancient technology continue to impact our future?” 

“Ancient technology clearly provides the foundation on which modern scientific knowhow is built. Ancient inventions like agriculture and the wheel continue to drive our world today without us realizing their importance.”

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