IELTS Speaking Interview, June 2017, India with Answers.

Taking an IELTS interview is not as easy as it seems from the outset. There are several principles you need to follow to give effective answers. Two of these MOST recommended principles are:

  1. Do not repeat the question stem.
  2. Close the answer with FACTS and not something vague.

Let us practice:

  1. What is your full name? Simply say “I’m …………”
  2. Can I see your ID? Do NOT silently hand over the ID without uttering a single word. Rather say, “Sure. Here it is.”
  3. Where are you from? Now that’s a good question. Must answer this well with facts – the name of the city with ONE fact. “I’m from Alexandria, a seaside city in Egypt.”
  4. Mention some interesting things about your city. You should be prepared with two to three good facts about your city. “If you happen to visit Alexandria you must go to …….” Most students say “The most interesting things about my city are ….” THIS IS WRONG. Do not repeat question statement/ stem.
  5. Do you work or study? “Well, I’m currently working as a lawyer at Clipco Associates.” Some candidates say “I study.” This will wipe your bands off.
  6. What is your role in the job? State your role clearly with FACTS. Do not give a vague answer.“I help accident victim clients of Clipco prepare evidence for a court battle.”
  7. What do you like most about your work? “Assisting the clients who suffer from some form of injury to get a monetary reward is the best part of my job.” Note: There’s no repetition of question statement words.
  8. Do you like reading magazines? Do not lie. If you do not read magazines, do not say “Yes, I read magazines.” There are better ways of saying NO. For instance: “I’m not much into reading newspapers or journals, but I’d love to explore this option.”
  9. Do you think young people like reading magazines? You need not nod in yes. As stated above, there are ways to say NO. Here’s another one. “Youngsters of my age do not read magazines. We prefer spending time on social media instead.”
  10. Do you like reading books? Another NO answer well written. “I rarely engage in book reading. The last book I read was in college.”
  11. How else do you spend your free time? “Well, as I’ve just said, I invest time in social media, particularly Facebook. It gives me a common platform to read the news and stay in touch with friends.”

Okay. This was a list of questions with suitable answers based on a recent IELTS speaking test in India. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments section.

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