IELTS June 2017 Task 2: Travel Alone or in Groups.

Nowadays everyone likes to travel. Some people travel alone while others prefer to travel in a group. Discuss both approaches. Give your own opinion with relevant examples from your experience.

(250 words at least.)

Like all IELTS questions, this one also contains two topics:

Topic 1: Travel.

Topic 2: Alone vs Group.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts as well, IELTS students should open the essay with an introduction which touches both topics. For instance:

Increasing global wealth and prosperity along with access to various modes of transportation have immensely benefited the travel industry. While some people prefer touring alone for business or exploring the world, others travel together during holidays.

Once you’re done with the introduction, it is time to write body paragraphs. However, before venturing into the body, you need to decide the structure.

Body Paragraph 1: Reasons supporting why people travel alone – business, meditation, exploration (historical, wildlife, etc.). Example (at least one).

Body Paragraph 2: Reasons supporting why people travel in groups – holidays (family and friends), religious, medical. Example (at least one).

Once you’re done writing body paragraphs, it is time to scribble the conclusion. Remember, a conclusion is as important as an introduction. An essay without a satisfactory conclusion will not fetch you bands. It should contain the elements of FUTURE and/or IMPACT.

A sample conclusion could be: “In conclusion, people travel alone or in groups for different reasons. While for holiday a person may travel with his family, the same person will travel completely solitary on a business trip. The two types of travel are complementary and not opposite to each other.”

Okay. Done. Feel free to write this answer in comments section and I’ll check it in less than 36 hours. Good Luck!

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