IELTS Task 1, G.T, June 2017: Equipment you bought.

You recently read an advertisement about the equipment that you bought a few days ago. However, the information in the advertisement was wrong. Write a letter to the manufacturer and say 

What was the advertisement you read? 
What information was wrong? 
What should the manufacturer do about this problem?  

150 words at least.

Here are two things about this essay:

1. You already know a product very well.

2. An advertisement of this product gave misinformation/ wrong-information.

Finally, you have to point out the inconsistency.

Choose a product you know very well. Let me choose a mobile phone of a company. You can name the product as “COCO Gen X”. Remember, IELTS does not judge you on the truth of the facts. It measures you on the manner of presentation. Let me help you in writing an introduction. Remember, a good intro states the issue clearly. Do not beat around the bush.

Dear Mr. X,

I recently read a New York Times advertisement of your company’s flagship mobile phone COCO Gen X that I had purchased a week ago. The advertisement contained information that was inconsistent with the specification of the actual product.

Once we’re done with intro, its time to write body paragraphs. In body paragraphs EXPLAIN the inconsistancy of information. Perhaps, the RAM (or ROM or Memory) specifications were wrong. Specify that and suggest remedies. For instance:

While COCO Gen X has 2 gigabyte Random Access Memory (RAM) and 32 gigabyte memory, the advertisement wrongly mentioned these as 4 gigabyte RAM and 64 gigabyte memory. Moreover, Gen X is a third generation hone whereas the promotion claimed the product to be a fourth generation device.”

Something on these lines. I’m sure you’ve understood. I leave remedy suggestions to the reader. Write this topic and feel free to share with us in comments section.

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