IELTS Speaking Cue-Card June 2017: An Interesting Neighbour

Describe an interesting neighbor of yours. Please say

– Who is your neighbor?
– How did you meet him/her?
– How often do you see the neighbor?

Describing an interesting neighbor is not at all difficult. Isn’t it? Well, it depends on how you utilize the crucial 1 minute of thinking IELTS speaking offers you. Stop reading here and take one minute to brainstorm at least 6 points you’ll use to create your answer.

Done? Okay, let me share my 6 points with you.

(Name: Mr. X; Interesting: Has 7 dogs, different breeds, usually stray; Meet: I’m a dog lover, Quite often.)

Here’s my answer:

My neighbor Mr. X is an incredibly interesting person. He loves stray dogs and our common affection for this animal has brought us closer. He has seven such dogs who were either injured in an accident or were too weak to take care of themselves. In any case, these dogs would have died had they not been adopted by X. Every morning I spend about 30 minutes at his home playing with these animals and discussing with X our common passion for canines.

Time for follow-up questions. The questions depend on your answer. However, here is a standard list for you to discuss with your friends and teachers.

  1. What makes this neighbor an interesting person? (Asked if you failed to answer this in the cue-card section)
  2. How do you think neighbors can be brought together?
  3. Do you know your neighbors by their names?

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