PTE Essay: Rise of Xenophobia in Western Countries.

Xenophobia has accelerated rapidly in the western countries. According to you what solutions can be proposed by government and individuals?

20 minutes; 200 to 300 words.

Okay. Before we proceed to write this essay, you have to understand the meaning of Xenophobia. It refers to fear or hatred of foreigners (more importantly, people of different cultures and skin color). Now, you can not doubt the spread of xenophobia because the question wants you to give SOLUTION to this problem without doubting the veracity of the statement. Remember, Xenophobia does not mean KILLING someone. It means “discrimination” merely because of different culture or color of your skin,

Let us work on introduction.

Keywords: Xenophobia, rapidly, western countries.

Explain these keywords while giving a general outline of the entire essay in the introduction section. For instance:

“Unprecedented global migration during the past few decades has given birth to several conflicts due to cultural differences. Xenophobia, which refers to the fear of foreigners of a different culture, has flared up in many western countries. This is primarily due to the anxiety of losing identity among the native population, and the perception that foreigners are consuming local opportunities. Such fears and misperceptions can be effectively addressed by governments and individuals.”

Once you’re done with the introduction, try writing body paragraphs. Let us create a structure to follow:

Body Paragraph 1: Solution by the government with one example. Stress on the need for timely government interference. Indians attacked in Australia. Both governments took steps. Similarly, Chinese discriminated in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom.

Body Paragraph 2: Solution by individuals with one example. Pick any developing country citizens in any developed country. For instance, Mexicans in the United States or Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Once you’re done with body paragraph, it’s time to conclude the essay. Without a conclusion, you’ll never score well in Pearson Test of English (PTE). A conclusion should include the elements of FUTURE and IMPACT. Make it positive. For instance:

“Newcomers have always played a vital role in making a country stronger economically, socially and politically. The Asian community has made Silicon Valley a rich and vibrant place that has created jobs for thousands of Americans. Xenophobia, on the contrary, not only hampers this healthy growth but also violates human rights of immigrants.”

Done. Easy, was it not? Now, write an essay and share with us in the comments section. I usually respond with detailed corrections in 36 hours. Good Luck writing!

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