IELTS/ PTE Essay: More Fathers Remain at Home.

Nowadays more fathers remain at home taking care of children than in the past. Why is it happening? Is it a positive or negative development?

250 words at least

Now that’s an interesting topic. I’ve seen this statement at work. So, I can better relate to it. Anyhow, let’s proceed with the essay discussion.

Remember, the essay is NOT asking for your opinion. It just wants you to BELIEVE in the statement “Nowadays more fathers remain at home taking care of children than in the past” and comment on why is this happening. If you give your opinion, you’ll lose context which is crucial for an IELTS/ PTE essay.

Your introduction should be an explanation of the statement with an outline of why is this happening. For instance:

“Parents spending quality time with children is essential for the development of healthy and productive individuals. These days, with advancements in technology and education of mothers (Why is this happening?), fathers either have more free time to spend with children or work from home. I think this is a positive development.”

Now, we’ve mentioned the REASONS in the introduction, something I always suggest my students do. We’ll explain these points in the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraph 1: Reason 1 with example 1.

Advancement of technology. The role of hard work in field or office work reduced. Work from home using computers.

Body Paragraph 2: Reason 2 with example 2.

Mothers equally educated. Sometimes take a lead role in earning for the family.

Body Paragraph 3: Positive/ Negative development. Do not just mention. Explain. Instead of mentioning 3 benefits, better mention and explain only one.

Once we’re done with body paragraph, it’s time to write a conclusion. Conclusion, as I always say, should have elements of FUTURE and/or IMPACT. Let me try:

“As technology gets more advanced in the future and both genders become equally educated and trained for the job market, fathers, unlike in the past, will have more time to spend with their children. Guidance of a dad coupled with love and care of a mom will make future kids better residents of planet Earth.”

Now that you’ve understood the essay, please write it and share with us through the comments section below. Good Luck!

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