PTE Essay (IELTS-Task 2): Involvement of Youth in Crime

Involvement of youth in crimes is increasing at an alarming rate. Throw some light on causes and possible solutions.

20 minutes. 200 to 300 words.

This essay is equally useful for IELTS candidates.

We can’t contest the veracity of the statement. Assume it to be TRUE and write an introduction. What should an introduction include? It should contain PARAPHRASING of the statement “Involvement of youth in crimes is increasing at an alarming rate” along with MENTION of reasons. These should be EXPLAINED in the body paragraph.

Here’s a sample introduction:

“These days young generation is indulging in committing crimes more than ever before. Such worrisome levels of delinquency can be attributed to several reasons ranging from violence on television and video games to lack of time parents spend with their offsprings.” (41 words)

We’ve highlighted two reasons above – violence; lack of time. Add to that ‘increasing materialism/ consumerism’. Devote one body paragraph to each reason with examples.

Body Paragraph 1: Violence on television and video games. Blood, guns, sex have an adverse effect on children’s tender minds. Example.

Body Paragraph 2: Lack of time (or Increasing materialism). Parents busy. Little guidance to children. Example.

Body paragraph 3: Propose 2 solutions is the same paragraph. Solutions should be related to problems highlighted in the two body paragraphs above.

Once body paragraphs are done with 50 to 60 words in each, you’ve reached about 200 words. It’s time to conclude the essay with another 30 to 40 words. Conclusion, as I’ve already written several times, should include the elements of FUTURE and/or IMPACT. Here’s a sample conclusion:

“The incidence of crime among youngsters needs to be controlled to create a healthy and sustainable (FUTURE) society. To attain this goal a society needs active participation of parents, teachers, individuals, reform organizations and governments.(34 words)

All right! The ball is now in your (reader’s) court. Write an essay and share with us. All participants (IELTS/ PTE) should target about 250 words. Good Luck!

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