IELTS Essay June 2017 (PTE): Elderly Don’t Exercise Enough.

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Many studies say that older people do not exercise enough. What are the reasons for this? What would you suggest to encourage them to exercise?

At least 250 words (IELTS); 200 to 300 words (PTE).

Blame it on older guys. Why don’t they exercise? This essay gives you an opportunity to explain the causes and propose solutions. Let’s get started.

The essay wants you to assume that the given statement is correct. Do not challenge its authenticity. Your introduction should explain the statement and MENTION the reasons which should be EXPLAINED in the body paragraphs. Leave the solution part for the conclusion.

The two topics of this essay are EXERCISE and OLDER PEOPLE. Start your intro with exercise.

Here’s a sample introduction:

“Exercise has numerous benefits for all age groups in general and elderly (older people) in particular. Though regular physical activity (exercise) helps maintain fitness, the older age group individuals do not work-out (exercise) enough. This is often attributed to lack of awareness about benefits of exercise and little family motivation.” (47 words)

Note: I’ve used different words for exercise and older people. Use vocabulary to avoid redundancy.

Time to write body paragraphs. I’ll suggest writing two body paragraphs on REASONS and at least one on SOLUTIONS. Here is the structure:

Body Para 1: Reason 1 (lack of awareness); Example 1.

Body Para 2: Reason 2 (little family motivation); Example 2.

Body Para 3: Solutions (to reasons listed in Body Paragraphs 1 and 2).

Simple, isn’t it? Well, write and share with us. Hold on! Let us discuss conclusion first. As I’ve written umpteen times earlier, a powerful IELTS/PTE conclusion should contain the elements of FUTURE and/or IMPACT. Here’s a sample conclusion.

Strong family support and government assistance can play a crucial role in improving the lifestyle of the elderly. This will not only help them live a better life but also reduce medical bill of a country.(35 words)

Now you’re good to go.

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