IELTS June 2017 Speaking Cue Card: A Useful Plant

Describe a useful plant in your country. Please say

– What plant is it?
– Where does it grow?
– Why is it so useful?

Well, without further ado, let me straight come to answer. There’s not much to explain.

“Geographically India is a huge country. It has millions of species of plants, and many are used for several purposes ranging from religious to medicinal. However, a plant called Tulsi is considered sacred. This plant breeds (grows) throughout the country and many Hindus grow it in their home. It is used not only in temples but also in making tea. Tulsi has beautiful fragrance and boiling its sweet leaves in tea refreshes a person. Its leaves and stem are also used in the manufacturing of several anti-cold medicines, particularly Ayurvedic ones.”

Time for follow-up questions:

  1. How did you hear about this plant? Tulsi grows in almost all Hindu homes in India and since I’m a Hindu, my family frequently uses this species daily.
  2. What are the other uses of this plant? (If you don’t know, don’t lie. There are ways to say NO.) Well, I’ve told you all uses of this plant in my knowledge. However, you’ve raised a valid question. I’ll try to find out more uses.
  3. Do you know any other plants that are useful? In India, several species of plants are used in various industrial processes. For instance, sunflower is used in making cooking oil and rose is used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

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