IELTS Speaking Cue Card June, July, August 2017: Happily Married Couple.

married couple IELTS PTE

This IELTS cue card was asked multiple times in June, July and August 2017.

Describe a happily married couple that you know. Please say

– Who are they?
– How long have you known them?
– What makes this married couple happy? (Secret of their happiness)

Really? Are there any happily married couples? Honestly, I can’t find one. However, we need to give an answer in the affirmative (that’s a YES). Time to plan for one minute. Write down SIX points that you’ll elaborate while speaking for about 2 minutes. Let me give you sample details.

Who: My parents; aged 64 and 60; married since 1982.

How long: Answered above (they’re your parents, right?).

What makes them happy? Love in the family. Love each other and their 3 kids – my 2 sisters and me. Understand each other’s needs and fulfill them.

Okay, we’ve got the raw material, let us make an answer.

“The happiest couple I’ve seen in my life are my parents. My father, aged 64, and mother, aged 60, have been joyfully married since 1982 and have three kids – two daughters and me.

They’re a jolly couple because they understand each other’s needs and fulfill those needs as much as they can. They cook food together and often go to parties at weekends. Most of their friends are common. So, my dad’s friends are my mom’s friends and vice versa. Moreover, both enjoy common hobbies. They love playing bridge and chess, and help each other in all household jobs such as cleaning and cooking. Another reason for their happiness is that they have three lovely children who love and adore their parents.”

Just a sample. Make your answer and feel free to share with us.

Time for follow-up questions:

  1. What activities do they perform together?
  2. How much time do you spend with your parents?
  3. For a couple’s happiness, is it important that they should have good relations with their kids? Why?
  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of a husband and a wife?
  5. Do couples need to be married in order to be happy?
  6. How do people celebrate marriage in your country?
  7. Why do people spend a lot of money on weddings?

Good luck making your own answer. Do not forget to share with us. And, feel free to share the answer to any of the follow-up questions in the comments section. I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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