IELTS June 2017 GT Task 1: Rental Accommodation Recently Damaged.

Your rental accommodation was recently damaged due to bad weather. Write a letter to the landlord and say:

– Explain what caused the damage.
– Why do you need them to fix the problem right away?
– What needs to be done to fix it?

150 words at least; 20 minutes.

Again, I’m going to offer a complete answer to this recent IELTS question. Let’s get started.

Dear Mary,

Last week’s inclement weather wrecked a huge damage to almost all coastal properties in Halifax. However, the damage to my house was much more severe and it needs to be urgently fixed. (Communicate the overall message and need for urgency.)

Strong blizzard winds (Strong snow storm) from the North dealt a heavy blow to the city’s infrastructure in general and to this house in particular. The storm somehow ruptured the outer walls and destroyed a portion of the house’s heating system. Consequently, the drawing room’s and bathroom’s heating systems are not working. Moreover, a few wide cracks have appeared in the house’s roof.

Since it is icy cold outside and cracks in the structure are dangerous, I believe you need to urgently fix this issue. Please call a heating systems contractor and a construction contractor, and get the repair estimate prepared quickly. I am sure the property is insured against damage caused by weather. The insurance company will release the funds immediately.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


157 words.

Feel free to give your answer in the comments section. I’ll check it and help you learn better English. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the guidance. I have also tried to write the same letter in my own words. Please, let me know if you have any comments on that.
    Dear Mr. Shah,

    My name is Gaurav Dave and I have recently moved into your apartment A-101, Silver Park, Main Street, as a tenant last week. I am writing to inform you regarding the damage done in the apartment due to extreme weather conditions we observed a couple of days back.

    As we know, two days back, it rained like cats and dogs in the city along with strong wind. Due to the severe breeze, the window of the bedroom has dislocated and it has created an opening there. Not only that, but inclement weather also took a toll on the ceiling and I can see a few cracks on the roof now.

    In the absence of the window, I am having much inconvenience. I can hear the noise of passing vehicles as well as the pedestrians on the road, which is irking me a lot. Sometimes during the day time, birds are also able to make it into the apartment through the opening created in place of the window and it creates a lot of discomfort for me. Along with that, under rainy conditions, water is also leaking through the cracks observed in the ceiling. Hence, I am not having a comfortable stay at all because of all these issues.

    As per our rental agreement, it was decided that flat maintenance cost will be borne by you in a case of need. Hence, I beseech that you please fix all the issues mentioned above as soon as possible. The carpenter should be able to repair detached window and water leakage problem can be solved by the building contractor. Since you already possess insurance policy, it should be a straightforward task for you to reimburse the repair cost.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Gaurav Dave.


    • 1. I feel, no need to introduce yourself, you talk about a rental agreement so he knows you and when you moved in !

      2. I am writing to inform you regarding the damage (damages ) done in the apartment due to extreme weather conditions we observed a couple of days back

      3. As we know, two days back, it rained like cats and dogs in the city along with strong wind. – looks incomplete, It should be of form = As you know , something happened,(dont stop here and continue to show) so “its impact”.


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