PTE (IELTS) Essay: Computer Games – Advantages and Disadvantages.

Computers have become an integral part of our lives and our homes. This has given children an easy access to video games and a lot of them play games all the time.

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of playing video games and minimizing the bad effects.

PTE: 20 minutes; 200 to 300 words. IELTS: 40 minutes; 250 words at least.

Note of caution: IELTS people, don’t miss this essay merely because it’s a PTE topic. Such topics can appear in IELTS as well.

I’ve decided to give you guys a complete answer this time. Here we go.


The advent of computers has changed the way humans work, play and interact with each other. They dominate our personal and professional lives. Though computers have influenced learning style for children, they have also shaped their playing behavior through video games. This trend has numerous advantages and disadvantages associated with it. (51 words)

Body Paragraph 1: (Discuss advantages)

Research has proven that video games are not only a source of much-needed entertainment for children but also stimulate their brains for better learning. There are several games that educate kids on various topics such as geography, history, literature, and science. For instance, Hangaroo is a word game that stimulates children’s minds to create words in an interesting way. Similarly, Age of Empires educates children on various kingdoms of the past, their revenue system, and military technology. (77 words)

Body Paragraph 2 & 3: (Discuss disadvantages)

However, disadvantages of video games cannot be overlooked. These are an engaging source of entertainment that involve little physical activity. Consequently, children often become lethargic and obese leading to various bodily ailments, particularly heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and weak eyesight. Moreover, children are so hooked to these games that they sometimes refuse to complete their homework and do not take crucial home responsibilities. Thus, they not only lose interest in education, compromising their career eventually but also fail to support a family as adults.

Researchers have found that some games have an extremely negative psychological impact on tender minds of children. These games often involve scenes of sex, violence, theft, and blood that adversely transform a child’s mind. Games such as Grand Theft Auto fall into this category. (129 words)

Body Paragraph 4: (Minimising Bad Effects and Conclusion)

The negative impacts of video games can be minimized and their positive influence can be optimized by proper parental guidance. Parents, above all, should restrict a child’s access to computer games. They should not only select appropriate games, which contain no violence, for their kids but also limit the duration of which they play these games. Game developers should also take responsibility for progeny by making games that positively shape kids’ behavior while entertaining them. (75 words)

Total Words = 332. I’ve written more than necessary so that the reader can choose certain ideas while neglecting others.

Good Luck writing the essay!

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