IELTS June 2017 Essay Task 2: Celebrities having Bad Influence on Young People.

Today many celebrities are famous only because of their wealth and glamor. Some people believe they can set a bad example for young people. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples.

40 minutes; 250 words at least.

Introduction: (Introduce the topic with at least three sentences.)

Celebrities, ranging from media personalities and businessmen to sportspersons and politicians, are often role models for youth in a consumerism led world. Young people, particularly teenagers, are attracted to the glittery world of these people. They frequently emulate Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities in a world dominated by television shows, movies and you tube. This has both positive and negative consequences

Body Paragraph: (Negative Influence)

Media personalities, particularly actors and actresses, have deep impact on teenagers’ minds. Though many have a favorable impact, some of them negatively influence the youth into drugs, smoking, and drinking issues. A recent study conducted by Delhi University revealed that teenagers spent more time watching some sort of media – television and you tube – than any other constructive activity. Consequently, they emulate negative things such as use of drugs, smoking or risky actions shown on the television or internet. This, unfortunately, sometimes leads to death.

Body Paragraph 2: (Positive Influence)

However, not all influences are adverse. Many celebrities act responsibly and understand that many of their followers are adolescent children and teenagers. For instance, Indian superstar Salman Khan and Amercan star Tom Hanks turn down any movie that has scenes of nudity, drugs or gory violence only because they have a huge number of young fans. 

On the flip side, these celebrities have a strong positive influence on youngsters. Activities of many actors and actresses become a path for others to follow. For example, actress Angelina Jolie is a United Nation ambassador for children while actor Sean Penn runs a famous charity. 

Conclusion: (Solution/ Impact/ Future)

Doubtless celebrities sometime unintentionally influence brains of youngsters. Perfections of face and body of these people are a source of low self-esteem and lack of confidence among young girls. However, it is the duty of not only celebrities to stay responsible, but also of parents and teachers to protect their children from such influence.

Words: 298.

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  1. Really enjoyed your post. Have just written a blog myself on this very subject that you may be interested in reading only from the point of view of musicians influence on adolescents. I agree as a community we all must help young people to find their way and find good role models to follow


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