IELTS June 2017 Writing Task 2 Essay: Criminals Should be Just Imprisoned or do Work.

criminals IELTS PTE

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Many people believe that criminals should be imprisoned; others, however, say they should do unpaid work that is beneficial for the community. Do you agree and disagree? Give your opinion and relevant examples.

40 minutes; 250 Words at least.

Like all IELTS questions, this one too contains two topics – Criminals; imprisoned or work?

Without further ado, let me give you a suitable answer with an explanation of structure.


Most criminals spend not months but years in prison, and if they are not productively used it is both a wastage of precious human resource and an erosion of the prisoners’ capacities. I believe all inmates need to be engaged in activities that benefit them as well as the community. (My view clearly stated)

Body paragraph 1: (Reason 1 supporting my opinion)

Though almost all criminals are in jail for some sort of offence (crime), many have never committed a heinous crime. While some spend time in jail for theft, others are there due to dire circumstances. These people need support from the society and system to emerge out of their lives’s crisis. This can only be done if they are engaged in productive activities such as making utensils that are beneficial to the community. 

Body Paragraph 2: (Reason 2 supporting my opinion)

Moreover, criminals, even hardened ones, need second chance to reform themselves. To create a humane society that cherishes the principle of harmony, we need to give an opportunity to criminals to become useful for the community. This cannot be done by confining them to solitary imprisonment. This can only be done by making them feel useful for the society.

Body Paragraph 3: (Reason 3 supporting my opinion)

Researchers have proven that those prisoners who are engaged in productive activities such as making furniture, welding metals, growing vegetables, etc. not only have better chances of surviving once they are released from prison, but also have a more constructive mindset. Even global food chains sell vegetables produced by prisoners to give a meaning to their lives. 


Thus, working for the benefit of society helps in prisoner rehabilitation allowing them to become contributing members of the society. Though these activities are mostly unpaid, they are beneficial both for the society as well as inmates.

Total Words: 275.

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